Post-Divorce Modification and Enforcement

Updating Your Agreements to Keep Up With Your Lives

It is not at all uncommon for the final judgment of divorce to need modifying years after the fact. Situations change and – most certainly – children mature and develop new interests. Other times, your spouse may begin to ignore any agreements and no longer abide by the terms. 

Arizona courts allow for post-divorce modifications when there has been a “substantial and continuing change in circumstances.” Examples of this change could be loss of a job or diagnosis of a serious chronic illness. Child custody orders may be altered to reflect these situations and other factors, such as incarceration, death of a parent, change in school schedules, or changes in medical needs. Securing a post-divorce modification is typically an uphill battle.

Sometimes, when one parent is refusing to abide by the post-divorce arrangements, spouses may have to go to court. There are various ways to enforce a court order; to find out which route is best suited for the needs of you and your children, contact Monahan Law Firm today.