Ensuring a Smooth and Minimally Stressful Divorce Process

Our firm understands that you have not arrived at the decision to divorce your spouse lightly. Whatever your ultimate reason for seeking divorce, we understand the emotions you are experiencing and want to help guide you toward a more positive future.

Divorces truly come in all shapes and sizes; no two are the same. You and your spouse might agree on most everything in the divorce agreement, or you might be in for a long series of court battles. There are also countless considerations that must be addressed when coming to a final judgment, including division of property, temporary and permanent living arrangements, spousal maintenance, parenting time, legal decision-making, and much more. 

During this difficult time in your life, you need an attorney who takes the time to truly understand your situation and understand how it applies to Arizona law. To get started on a path to your new normal, get in touch with Monahan Law Firm soon.